GL 420 EXACTA Planter


GL 420 EXACTA Planter

GL 420 EXACTA Planter
GL 420 EXACTA Planter


Model / Type

4-row, up to 2 t bunker, combined with tillage
The GL 420 Exacta is a short, combined and carried machine without a wheel set. The unique construction makes the GL 420 Exacta a planter with the smallest distance between tuber deposition and ridging hood, with conventional placement of the planting elements available on the market. The small distance ensures that even on slopes, the tubers are always in the middle of the back. Due to the mechanical coupling between furrow puller and ridging hood, an "exact" leg depth is obtained. For tillage behind tractors (from 110 kW / 150 HP) with wide tires, a rotary harrow and a full-field cultivator can be selected. Thanks to the compact construction without running wheels, the soil is not compacted after tillage. The power of the machine plays on short and spreading plots where maneuverability and precise working methods are required.


  • Length with ridging hood without / with front frame 2950 / - mm
  • Length with tramline reamer without / with front frame 3375 / - mm
  • Width at row spacing 75 cm without / with front frame 3290 / - mm
  • Height 2200 mm
  • Filling height of fixed bunker 2000 mm
  • Rear overhang with ridging hood 1250 mm
  • Rear overhang with tramline reamer 1675 mm


  • Empty weight in basic version with GRIMME GR 300 4100 kg
  • Empty weight in basic version with Lemken Zirkon 12 3600 kg

Working width

  • Number of rows 4
  • Row distance 75 cm


  • Category 3 linkage Cat.


  • PTO input speed 1000 rpm

Bunker / construction

  • Fixed bunker capacity 1600 kg

Requirements for the tractor

  • Motor power (minimum) 110 kW
  • Oil requirement 20 l / min
  • Required pilot valves (single acting) 1