Mayor - Self-cleaning Prism Roller


Mayor - Self-cleaning Prism Roller

 Mayor - Self-cleaning Prism Roller
 Mayor - Self-cleaning Prism Roller


Model / Type
Mayor 640

The “Golden Hoof Print” makes the difference!

  • 305 prism points per square meter and approx. 520 kg / meter working width result on the turf:
  • Better soil density (selective pressure application)
  • Closer turf. Nothing promotes the growth of the grass anymore!
  • More results when overseeding. The seed gets the necessary soil pressure, which means a certain emergence, less weather dependent!

Can be retrofitted at any time with:

  • Harroflex weeder for dragging, aerating and combing bad grasses, weeds, moss etc.
  • Pneumatic seed drill for grass seed, rapeseed, intermediate fruit / green manure etc.
  • Ripper council for grassland restoration

After plowing:

  • Let the heavy soil dry slightly and crumble, level and reinforce with a harrow and roller
  • Valuable soil moisture is retained
  • The subsequent seedbed preparation is much easier.

After disc harrow or cultivator:

  • Valuable soil moisture is retained, better rotting of the straw
  • Establishment of intermediate fruit

Directly on the grain stubble:

  • Bring the dropout grain to full sprout
  • Subsequent stubble cultivation, for example with cultivator